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We carry out investigations, developments and implementations in the field of:

- continuous and periodical temperature control of technological, including metallurgical, processes, equipment and materials;

- express thermalphysical control of materials chemical composition and structure, including metal alloys;

- optimization of resource-saving, including energy-saving, operation of thermal technological processes;

- control of technological parameters, including level of liquid and friable materials, as well as wear and thickness of lining of thermal technical equipment;

- Production Control Systems construction for sections/departments of technological equipment.

  The most part of known technological processes, including metallurgy, foundry, ceramics and glass production, chemical and food industries are based on thermal action on raw and auxiliary materials. In mentioned processes temperature is the main parameter determining production quality and expenses for its manufacturing, including expenses for power, fuel, materials, start and exploitation of thermotechnical equipment.

  Leading world-known companies connect main successes in production quality rise and decrease of resources consumption with new achievements in the field of temperature control and optimal operation of thermal technological processes. Thermometric technologies used for mentioned purposes, especially for high temperature continuous control, are science intensive, the most effective, have short payback period and are much in demand on the world market.

Scientific-technical supervisor of the direction -

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Leonid F. Zhukov

  Leonid F. Zhukov is well-known scientist in the field of thermoelectric and optical thermometry and also optimal operation of thermal-technical, including metallurgical processes, as well as in the field of thermalphysic express-analysis of metal alloys chemical composition and structure.

  Fundamental investigations of interaction between electromagnetic heat emission and matter, as well as thermalphysic, including thermoelectric characteristics of materials were carried out. On the base of these investigations known directions in optical thermometry were improved and in principle new directions were created. Particularly, there are light-guide and contactless radiation pyrometry, as well as technologies of metal alloys thermoelectric and thermodynamic express-analysis among these new directions.

  The light-guide thermometric technologies, for the first time in world practice, provide continuous temperature control of solid, liquid and gaseous media, including high-temperature ones, in aggregates of closed type.

  Multicolour technologies provide the use of non-alternative for continuous high-temperature control optical thermometry under conditions of randomly changing emissivity and transmissivity of intermediate medium. For example, it was proved that the measurement errors of multicolour symmetric-wave thermometry are less than the methodical errors of the classical energy, spectral ratio and known multicolour thermometry in 4,9-13,2; 3,1-3,6 and 2,3 times, respectively.

  Тhermodynamic technology provides the express-analysis of metal alloys structure with higher statistical reliability (95 %), in comparison with ultrasound analysis (60 %).

  On the base of new materials, constructions and algorithms of obtaining and processing of primary thermometric information the accuracy and quick-action of thermoelectric temperature measurements and express-analysis of metal alloys have been increased in 2-3 times.

  Developments are implemented with high (about 5 mil. USD) technical-economic effect on the enterprises of Ukraine, CIS and Western Europe countries, as well as USA, Japan, Taiwan, Iran and China (more 100 contracts). Benefits from license sales consist more than 1,5 mil. USD. Scientist has appropriate domestic and foreign awards for wide implementation of the developments.

  L. F. Zhukov was the head of the Ukrainian delegations in China, gave lectures and reports, as well made presentations in Chinese institutes, including institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry, Institute of Metal Research, etc.). He took part in the Ukrainian-Chinese forums on science and technology, as well as world congresses in Turkey and Germany.

  L. F. Zhukov is the author of over 600 publications, including 3 monographs, more than 100 domestic patents and copyright certificates, as well as 29 patents in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, USA, Sweden and Japan. His invention "The way of temperature measurement" (patent of Ukraine #54756A) is the winner of the All-Ukrainian contest "Invention of the Year-2003". He is the author of the scientific discovery "Zhukov anomalous heat effect".

  L. Zhukov is the Chair Professor of the Harbin Institute of Technology and editorial board member of 5 foreign journals, including 2 in the USA, as well as the member of specialized academic council for the defense of doctoral and candidate dissertations.


Institute and Location
Scientific Degree and Field of Study

All-Russia Mendeleev Research Institute of Metrology
Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

Doctor of Technical Sciences degree.
Dissertation "Investigation and development of methods and means of temperature control and resource-saving technological processes of receipt of liquid cast-iron in the casting production"
on specialities 05.11.04 "Devices and methods of thermal units measurements" and 05.16.04 "Casting production".

All-Union Mendeleev Research Institute of Metrology,
Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

Ph.D. degree.
Dissertation "Investigation and development of methods and means of continuous temperature control of melts in metallurgical aggregates by radiation"
on speciality 05.11.04 "Devices and methods of thermal units measurements".

Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers,
Kiev, Ukraine.

Diploma with honor.

Speciality - "Aviation radionavigation equipment".

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