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Thermodynamic express-analysis

Set for thermodynamic express-control of cast iron structure (STEC-CI)

1. Purpose

  The set is purposed for graphite form (flake, compacted, spheroidal) determination in specially poured cast iron samples or castings.

2. Operation principle

  It is based on dependence of temperature conductivity of alloy on its structure. For example, for cast iron – on dependence of temperature conductivity on graphite form.

3. Main technical characteristics

Statistical reliability of control, % ≥95.
Analysis time, min ≤1,5.

4. Advantages

  Dependence of temperature conductivity on graphite form has slop almost in ten times more than, for example, well-known dependence of ultrasound speed on graphite form. That is why, in comparison with ultrasound control, reliability of thermodynamic express-control have been increased from 60 to 95 %.

5. Теchnical-economic efficiency

  STEC-CI allows you to stably obtain metal products with determined properties, including, structure, at the lowest possible expenses.

6. Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.