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Thermoelectric express-analysis

Set for thermoelectric express-analysis of cast iron (STEА-CI)

1. Purpose

  The set is purposed for the realization of technologies of metal alloys thermoelectric express-analysis. For example, the STEA-CI is applied for express, in the course of melting, determination of С, and Мn mass content in cast irons. After appropriate adaptation, the set can also be used for steels.

2. Operation principle

  It is based on the "thermo-EMP - sample chemical composition" relation of thermocouple made by contact of the tested alloy sample with hot bimetal thermoelectrode.

3. Main technical characteristics

Absolute measurement error of С, and Мn mass content determination, % ≤0,1.
Analysis time, min ≤2,0.

4. Advantages

  In comparison with known solutions, for example, thermographic analysis, the STEA-CI provides the best results for Si, quite acceptable results for C, as well as necessary in machine-building metallurgy control of the third element in cast irons - Mn, has no consumed components and materials, including pouring cups. These results are achieved due to the application of special alloys for bimetallic hot electrodes, statistical processing of primary measurement information and a specially developed technique for obtaining and preparing samples for analysis.

5. Теchnical-economic efficiency

  The STEA-CI provides express control of С, and Мn mass content in cast irons with required for the practice of machine-building metallurgy accuracy. Due to this fact it is possible to stably produce metal products with specified properties at the minimally possible resource- and energy expenses.

6. Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.

The thermoelectric set STEA-CI

Electronic plates of the STEA-CI secondary measurement transducer

Construction of the STEA-CI

The results of observations during comparative measurements of C, Si and Mn content in cast iron

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