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Thermographic express-analysis

Sets for thermographic express-analysis of metal alloys

1. Purpose

  The sets are purposed for mass content control of the next elements: С and Si - in cast irons; С - in steels; Аl and Сu - in zinc alloys; Fe, Аl and Zn - in copper alloys; Si, Fe, Mg, Ni, Cu, Mn, Zn and Ti - in aluminum alloys, as well as for determining of the next technological characteristics: inoculant efficiency; non-metallic inclusions quantity; porousity; shrinkable gas cavity volume; expansion of grains boundaries with the following estimation related other parameters.
  The sets are completed with single-time immersion graphite and pouring sand or pouring multi-time (up to 1000 samples) painted metal cups with thermoelectric or optical-electronic thermotransducers.

2. Operation principle

  It is based on registration and analysis of testing samples cooling curves, including temperatures of phase transformations "liquidus" and "solidus".

3. Main technical characteristics

Absolute measurement error of pointed above elements mass content determination, % ≤0,1.
Analysis time, min ≤2,0.

4. Advantages

  The sets have higher metrological characteristics due to use multi-time metal painted cups and statistical processing of primary measurement information. In comparison with other express-analysis technologies, thermography provides the best accuracy on C.

5. Теchnical-economic efficiency

  The sets allow you to stably obtain metal products with determined properties at the lowest possible expenses.

6. Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.

Pouring cups, contact device and computing block of the set

Set STGEA-CI for thermographic express-analysis of cast iron chemical composition

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