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Catalogue of developments/COMPLEX OF TECHNOLOGIES FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL/2.Continuous temperature control
2.2 Contact stationary temperature control

Contact thermometric sets and systems: оne-channel (OTS-C), two-channel (TTS-C), multichannel (МТS-C)

Primary thermoelectric transducer of stationary measurement set

Protective covers and pyrometric sighting tube for stationary contact temperature control


  Continuous and periodical contact control, registration and indication of solid, liquid and gaseous media temperature in metallurgical, chemical-recovery, refractory and other productions.

Operation principle

  Operation principle is determined by using thermoelectric thermometers of various types and calibrations as primary measurement transducers.

Main tеchnical characteristics

Range of measuring temperatures, °С 200...2500.
Measurement error, % ≤1,0.


  In comparison with known solutions, contact thermometric sets and systems provide longer continuous temperature control due to use modern ceramic and metal materials as protective armature.

Technical-economic efficiency

  Thermometric sets and systems allow you to stably obtain products at the lowest possible resource expenses, including energy expenses.

Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.

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