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Catalogue of developments/COMPLEX OF TECHNOLOGIES FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL/2.Continuous temperature control

2.1 Unified means of control

  Thermometrical systems, depending on the application conditions, are equipped with corresponding pyrometric and thermoelectric transducers, viewfinder, cooling and light-guide units, protecting armature. The systems provide continuous contact, contactless and light-guide temperature control of alloys, melts, gaseous media and other objects.

Viewfinder devices, primary and secondary transducers and carry-out digital indicators

Fiber-optical primary transducer

Viewfinder devices, secondary measurement transducer, registering device and carry-out digital indicator

Two-channel secondary measurement transducer and registering device

Contactless multichannel symmetric-wave thermometric system

Carry-out digital indicator on cupola furnace

Secondary measurement transducer АRКОN-3009

Comparison chart of secondary measurement transducers technical characteristics

  Universal industry controller АRКОN-3009 is autonomous mean of control and operation of continuous and discrete-continuous technological processes. Controller supports up to 4 contours of regulation, program setting and has wide spectrum of analogue and discrete operation algorithms. Due to these characteristics, АRКОN-3009 successfully solves such tasks, as automatization of furnaces, boilers, driers, reactors, foundry machines and other thermaltechnical aggregates.
  Ability to adapt to specific automatization tasks is achieved due to use architecture of configurable functional blocks. In accordance with this architecture programming (configuring) is performed by the way of choosing from functional blocks existing list and determining the connections between these blocks.
  More than 50 types of functional blocks are used for solving tasks of regulation and logical operation. There are PID-algorithms of regulation with analogue and pulse output among them. These algorithms allow to create the schemes of cascade and combine operation, as well as to realize regulation of consumption ratio. Along with fixed setting program operation on the base of profile settings from memory is applied.
  Special program "АRКОN-Configurator" is used to configure the controller. It is purposed for IBM-compatible computers with operation systems version Windows XP or higher. The program uses graphical images of functional blocks allocated on the monitor display and connected with each other by connection lines in accordance with chosen automatization scheme. The configuration is loaded into controller through the communication port and automatically initialized. Configuration can also be introduced manually from the front panel of the controller, using promptings and proposed preliminary settings.
  Controller has different configurations of input and output signals. This provides its effective use and decrease of cost, as well as possibility to organize up to 6 universal analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs, 12 discrete inputs and 8 discrete outputs. Communication port RS-485 allows connection to the personal computer local network.
  2-row 7-segment display for technological information output and 12 keys for operative control are installed on the front panel. Display and keys are covered with protective film to protect them from influence of environmental medium. Permanently performed diagnostical procedures detect emergency situations, fixes it in controller memory, minimizing time of error conditions elimination.

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