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Contactless temperature control

Thermometer portable contactless one-colour

Thermometer portable contactless two-colour

Thermometers portable optical contactless

1. Purpose

  Contactless temperature control of solid, liquid and gaseous media in metallurgical, chemical-recovery and refractory productions.

2. Operation principle

  It is based on brightness or brightness ratio dependences on temperature of the controlled object.

3. Main tеchnical characteristics

Range of measuring temperatures, °С 200...2500.
Measurement error, % ≤1,0.
Mass, kg <1,0.

4. Advantages

  Due to the spectral ratio method, two-colour thermometers have higher metrological characteristics and, consequently, wider application field, as well as more convenient in practical use.

5. Теchnical-economic efficiency

  Thermometers allow you to stably obtain metal products with determined properties at the lowest possible expenses.

6. Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.

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