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Contact temperature control

Thermometer portable contact (ТPC) and thermoelectric
changeable transducer of pin type (ТСT-P)

1. Purpose

  The ТPC, in pair with changeable primary transducers of various constructions (immersion, bayonet, bow-shaped, stringed and needle-type), is purposed for technical realization of periodic thermoelectric contact express temperature control technologies of solid, liquid and gas media in foundry, metallurgical, chemical-recovery, refractory and other productions.
  For temperature measurements of metal melts the TPC is equipped with TCT-P.

2. Operation principle

  It is based on the measurement of thermo-electromotive power (thermo-EMP), generated with the working contact of a thermoelectric transducer immersed in controlled medium, or taking into mechanical contact with a controlled surface. According to the measured thermo-EMP, using the specified nominal static characteristic (NSC) of the thermoelectric transducer, the temperature of the controlled object can be determined.

3. Main tеchnical characteristics
NSC of thermoelectric transducers L, K, S, В, А-1, А-2, А-3.
Range of measuring temperatures, ºС 300...2500.
Measurement error, % ≤0,2.
Mass, kg <2,0.
NSC of thermoelectric transducers B, А-1, А-2, А-3.
Range of measuring temperatures, ºС 600...1700.
Acceptable deviation from the NSC, % 0,28...0,53.
Number of immersions ≤20.
Immersion depth, mm ≤75.
Protective armature material quartz.
Маss, kg 0,06.

Measurement time

(ТPC+ТСT-P), s


4. Advantages

  In comparison with the known solutions, the TCT-P construction and materials, as well as TPC thermal connector, significantly decrease errors and time of temperature measurements, time intervals between measurements, as well as increase the number of measurements by one TCT-P. A forecasting algorithm, implemented in the TPC, allows to determine the temperature of thermodynamic equilibrium between the TCT-P operation contact and the controlled melt. This fact reduces the measurement time additionally.

5. Теchnical-economic efficiency

  TPC in pair with TCT-P reduces the time and cost of temperature measurements, as well as increases their expression in 1,5-4,0 times. Due to this fact it is possible to operate of the temperature regimes of technological processes of receipt, treatment and pouring of liquid metal optimally and promptly. In such a way, you can stably receive metal products with desired properties at the lowest possible expenses.

6. Patent protection

  Protected by copyright certificates and patents.